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punto pig


punto pig

Founded in 2004 by Andres Solis and Rogelio Sosa, punto pig (.pig) is a Mexico City based improvisation duo that fuses analogue sound sources, mostly turntables and voice, with real time synthesis and audio processing systems programmed by themselves.

Their live presentations seek to intensify the acoustic space through histrionic gesticulation of sound and performance and the deliberate use of raw sound materials and rough audio transformation. Their work is characterized by an expressive wideness that goes from harmonic drone textures to incisive noise pulses.

With more than 50 presentations in Mexico and abroad, punto pig is one of the most consistent projects in the experimental music scene in Mexico



swine stories

punto pig - AH1N1 - MP3

punto pig - pandemia - MP3

punto pig - viral flock - MP3

punto pig - día cero - MP3

punto pig - swine coitus - MP3

punto pig - all vespids (+ 39º fever nightmare) - MP3

Download complete album - ZIP

bass communion - .pig live in mexico city
Important Records/ IMPREC194

Bass Communion - .pig - SIDE 1B (Extract) - MP3

Bass Communion - .pig - SIDE 2 (Extract) - MP3


feto talk
Irradia / IRD001

punto pig
- feto_talk.pig - MP3

punto pig
- pulmón_siameses.pig - MP3

punto pig
- noir_pacemaker.pig - MP3

punto pig
- systole_rpm-666.pig - MP3

punto pig
- lonche_en_uterus.pig - MP3

punto pig
- prepucio_whip.pig - MP3

punto pig
- diazepamine_en_dimanche.pig - MP3

punto pig
- trago_gástrico.pig - MP3

Download complete album - ZIP


Extracto de .pig en vivo en el San Francisco Electronic Music Festival (2007)
Extract of .pig live at the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival (2007)

Extracto de .pig en vivo en el Festival Radar (2005)
Extracto of .pig live at the Radar Festival (2005)

Extracto de .pig en vivo en el Fuxion (2006)
Extract of .pig live at the Fuxion (2006)