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Rogelio Sosa

Rogelio Sosa's live performances and improvisations with electronic media are characterized by the rawness of the sound elements that constitute them. His presentations seek to cause a perceptual and emotional catharsis in the listener through confrontation with a highly intense sound reality.

Using very dramatic contrasts in dynamics, textures and information flux, his improvisations only use live sound sources which are constantly transformed in real time. This particular way of working tries to unify the corporal gestuality and spontaneity of the performance with the sound result.

One of the main concerns of his production is working with custom tools for each project, though the programming and development of working stations, devices and interfaces is an essential part of the creative process.




Ablación is an experimental sound art - theatre improvisation project of Anajosé Aldrete and Rogelio Sosa.
Using resources and strategies that come from experimental music such as real time audio and video processing, live voice recording and transformation, combined with texts that go from poetry to plays, this duo seeks to generate new sound and scenic narratives through out the fonetic deconstruction of language and the intensification of the spoken word with music and sound.